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One of our ideas is to have a free community bike rack on campus with bikes for students, faculty, and staff to use. The bikes will allow us to not only get to places around/off campus faster, but more efficiently.  We won’t be polluting the air and it is a good means of exercise! Some of the incentives that a bike rack would have include saving gas money form driving around town, a faster more efficient way to get to classes and move around campus, eliminate some pollution that can be caused by cars, its a good form of exercise, and to just make things easier and fun. However, there could also be some disincentives to having a bike rack on campus. It could be hard to use the bikes on the hilly campus and inclement weather could also make riding the bikes dangerous. There could also be a risk of people crashing into each other or hitting things while on their bike. Overall though, the incentives do out-weigh the disincentives. 
Our Ideas on how to make Wells College more environmentally friendly:
  • ​Bike Racks
  • Foot Print
  • Friendly Competition
  • Green House Garden
The footprint is a fun and informative way to see what we are personally putting into the environment. They are personal, so you can be honest as to your emissions when you fill it out, and then you can color it in. Who doesn’t like to color? No one. There are also many incentives to seeing your carbon foot print! For one, the carbon foot print makes people more aware of how much energy they are wasting. Also the use of the carbon foot print can help create more environmentally sustainable dormitories at Wells College and will give the students an initiative to start improving their bad habits. However, there can also be some disincentives to having a carbon foot print at Wells College. Some of these may include that the foot print could only change behaviors for students temporarily and students may also find the idea of having a carbon foot print as unconvincing.
Recycling is a simple action everyone can take to become a little bit more sustainable. In order to engage everyone in this simple action and make it a little more fun we are creating a competition between the dorms. Each member of each dorm are responsible for recycling all their materials in the proper bins. At the end of each month the dorm that has the most recycled material will win. Prizes may vary each month as well. Some incentives that are involved for having a campus competition include raising awareness and teaching students about appropriate recycling, promoting a healthy competition between students, it will lower the college's eco foot print, the winners of the competition will receive an award like money or a dorm pizza party, and the competition is for a good cause. However, like our other ideas there are also some disincentives. Some of which include students getting too competitive and/or students losing interest in the competition after a while and not keeping their learned habits as a long term affect.
A part of Wells College campus that has gone unnoticed is located just a short walk down the road. The campus garden could bring in some benefits if we, as a community, were to replant and keep it up. As a community, we should initiate action to plant fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients we can use in our dining hall. ​A green house is a clam and peaceful environment within an environment. It's serene and calm when everything else is fast and crazy. It's a place where anyone can go and relax when finals are stressing you out, or your roommate is driving you crazy. There's always that time of the year when your professors decided to assign papers due all on the same day, and you really just need somewhere to go. Of course, there's always the library, but why would you go and work in a stuffy building when you could work in a beautiful garden! On top of all the quiet and helpful space that this green house garden could supply, it would also contribute to out own sustainability. Imagine eating the delicious veggies that you grew yourself in the green house garden in the dining hall every night! It's a little farm right on our own back yard!

Here are some helpful websites about being environmentally friendly:
Here is a checklist of different little things that can help improve your carbon footprint:
  • ​Turn off the lights
  • Conserve Water
  • Recycle
  • Walk, Don't Drive